About Us

        Founded in 2005 and now a global operation, ERMEK was once a small company that developed through consumer exhibitions with exciting live demonstrations of innovative products.
        ERMEK is a china based company who specialize in sourcing and supplying TV products to retailers and consumers. We operate a global supply chain, managed by our teams in the US and China. These teams work closely with our suppliers to ensure the well-being of all involved in the manufacture and supply of our products. Procedures in place include polices covering corporate social responsibility, ethical trading, working conditions, child labor and Health & Safety.
       As part of our due diligence, all our suppliers are audited following measurement guidelines. Where there is evidence of non-compliance, we work locally with the supplier to rectify this within an agreed set time-line. Suppliers of current products are re-inspected every one year or sooner if non-compliance was found. ERMEK only trades with suppliers who fully comply with our policies and local law or are working towards attaining compliance.
       Over the last decade we’ve grown into a household name, one of the nation’s favorite sourcing leader and suppliers in TV home products. With ambitious plans for further rapid growth, you can find our diverse range of products on virtually every high street and in many of the biggest retailers throughout the EUROPE and US.

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